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Ad Litteram Consultancy is a forensic delay, construction claims consultancy practice working across the construction, civil and water infrastructure sectors. We are located in the United Arab Emirates.



Project Management

We are able to cover various tasks related to Programme Management, Earn Value Management, Progress Reporting and Risk Management

Forensic Delay Analysis

Whether you are an employer or contractor looking to defend or pursue a claim, Ad Litteram Forensic Delay Experts will be an asset that would help you prepare a solid forensic schedule analysis.

Claim Management

Our experts are experienced in drafting and defense of various claim categories under all contract types. We can provide a wide range of proven strategies for both employers and contractors.

Quantity Surveying

We are capable to provide quantity surveying expertise to help you match the budget to the scope that frequently develops and changes.

Technical Support

Seasoned members of our team bring their extensive experience in dealing with various technical issues related to design, construction or post incident investigations and witnessing.

Bid Preparation

We can provide a careful planning, budgeting, and a detailed scope examination plus any type of bespoke adjustments to meet local conditions and budget restrictions necessary for successful proposal.


Delay analysis one stop shop

Our specialists are experienced in construction management, project planning and critical path methods of retrospective delay analysis. 


Capital GCC projects experience

Our team of experts have been involved in all stages of project execution, with the main focus on the planning and project set up, review and settlement of construction claims, dispute resolution and mediation on the large-scale construction and infrastructure projects in the Gulf Corporation Council region.


Our partners

Our collaborative partnering and our extensive experience in the construction industry enable us to successfully assist the clients with the project bids, support the project set up and manage the construction process from the inception to the handover and commissioning.

Our partnering companies are capable to provide Legal Advices, Mediation Services, and Detailed Design of Major Water Infrastructure Projects.

Forensic Delay Analysis, Construction Claims and Water Infrastructure Consultancy 

We are a boutique consultancy practice working across the civil, water and infrastructure design and construction sectors.

Experts gathered around Ad Litteram Consultancy are highly experienced in the field of delay analysis and are ready to provide bespoke forensic delay services.

Technical expertise is our valuable asset where our experts, with their great design and construction supervision experience, are able to provide tailored design preparation and review services as well as technical studies necessary for the design, construction or as a part of dispute resolution where formal expert determination is required.

  • Forensic Delay Analysis
  • Claim Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Structural Design
  • Steady State Hydraulic Modeling
  • Pumps’ Selection and NPSH Assessment
  • Unsteady State Hydraulic Modeling
  • Surge Protection Design
  • Post Incident Investigations due to Water Hammer
  • Various Expert Witnessing Services

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Our experience

Ad Litteram team has gained valuable experience within infrastructure construction sector.
Our experts have successfully carried the following types of projects within GCC and across the globe:

  • High rise mixed use developments
  • Water pumping stations
  • Seawater intakes and seawater supply pumping stations
  • Terminal wastewater and stormwater pumping stations
  • Long sea outfalls
  • Airport facilities
  • Industrial and residential infrastructure
  • Heavy industrial water supply systems
  • Municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants
  • University campus
  • Hotels
  • Metro and light rails trains
  • Stormwater tunnels
  • District cooling plants
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Theme parks
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Luxury housing
  • RO desalination plants
  • Irrigation Systems

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