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Baseline Schedule Design


The first step, prior to Schedule Development is the Schedule Design Process that will pave the way for the proper schedule development.

A proper review of contract document would be performed in order to list all project requirements and deliverables. Our Scheduling and Contract Experts would develop a logical flow of activities starting in the preparation of the design deliverables, followed by specifications and datasheets preparation, procurement activities, construction or installation at site finalizing the flow with testing and commissioning.

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Properly detailed flow, that would repeat in the same form for many items, is an essential part in Baseline Schedule Design for the EPC Contracts where the Contractor (Design Builder) is, apart from his duty to construct the Works, responsible for the development of design and management of specifications.

A setup for schedule related reporting, as required by the Contract, would be developed at this stage and will be discussed and agreed with all Project Stakeholders.

A strategy for proper management of influences of other contracts, authorities or third-party activities will be discussed and agreed prior to development of the Schedule.

Activity Coding and Preparation of Work Breakdown Structure is normally finalized at this stage of Schedule Management.



Baseline Schedule Development


It is recommended that properly prepared project schedule submission contains a written narrative that examines the intent, assumptions, and constraints that impacted the schedule. The narrative will document the basis for the scope of work that has been incorporated in the schedule, the planned resources, and the costs of the Project.

Our Scheduling Experts will ensure that you get a manageable, comprehensive project schedule prepared at highest standard set by the Industry.

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Good practices recommended by PMI, AACE and industrial leaders such as Chris Carson, are built in every schedule our Experts prepare. At this stage, a practical recommendation for avoidance, defence and documentation of claims will be made, as properly developed and maintained schedule is mandatory for Forensic Schedule Analysis, if required during claim development.Communication protocol for the schedule updates will be defined where the communication lines between Design, Procurement, Construction and Management will be determined and incorporated in the Project Control Documentation. All necessary documentations for Schedule control, statusing and updating will be developed at this stage. Particular focus would be on development of robust Schedule metrics and variance reporting so proving of acceleration, disruption and loss of productivity would be as easy as possible.


Baseline Schedule Review and Contract Compliance Evaluation


If you decide to develop the Schedule internally, we are ready to provide a comprehensive review where we would adjust the logic and align the schedule with best industrial practice that would ensure easy Project Control and provide necessary tools for delay analysis and claim preparation.

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Based on your plan, we can do everything from listing the comments to full development of revised baseline schedule, narrative and process for schedule management and update.

A thorough Contract Compliance Evaluation is a key part of the process and will be done for all Schedule related deliverables and proposed reports. Constructability check is an indispensable part of the Baseline Schedule Review.



Regular Schedule Updates


In case we would be responsible for regular schedule updates, our experts would coordinate with all relevant project participants from your organization in order to ensure timely exchange of progress information and their incorporation in the updated schedule. Our flexibility in getting assigned to the Project brings full benefit of bespoke arrangements.


Schedule Re-Baselining


Sooner or later schedules need to be re-baselined due to adjustment of durations / logic caused by slow progress, addition / omission of scope, major shift in the working methodology, changing the subcontracting setup or simply due to detailing of tasks.

Proper update followed by supporting documentation is essential for continuity of planned schedule logic, resource use and adherence to the Contract Milestones.

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Once the original baseline is no longer valid, the schedule has to be reworked for all activities that have not completed.
Part of the schedule Re-Baselining Process will be preparation of the schedule change log where all necessary changes would be properly documented.

This includes:
• Addition / Deletion of activities
• Changes in activities duration
• Adjustment of logic, constraints and lags
• Documenting Changes in Total Float and Critical Path
• Any Changes in the Code Structure, if required
• Altering the Calendars and Resources




Development and Verification of the As Built Schedule


As Built Schedule is essential for some Forensic Delay Analysis methods. Its development is both science and art. Our experts possess great experience in performing this complex task and are able to provide the clients with well documented and verified As Built Schedule with all associated documentation.

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