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All our Experts have a considerable design experience in the GCC and overseas. This gives us opportunity to offer bespoke services in some distinct areas. We have solution for any problem in Water Industry as we can sort it by ourselves or by seeking assistance from our associates. The list below shows only the fraction of services we are able to perform without referring to anyone outside our core Team.

We are ready to provide Expert determination and testimony in the field of Forensic Delay, Quantum including Forensic Accounting, Structural Engineering, Applied Hydraulics and especially in the field of Hydraulic Transient including post incident investigations.

Steady State Hydraulics


Various types of mathematical modelling services are available by our Experts. Whether it is a Potable Water Pressurized Network or Wastewater Collection System, river / wadi stormwater flow or optimization of the pressurized networks, we have an optimum solution.

CAD connected, GIS connected, or standalone packages are available for the sizing of transmission and distribution networks, Pumping Stations design including the pumps’ selection, NPSH assessment, operational philosophy development or preparation of longitudinal profiles for the pipelines.

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Our Expertise gained across the globe is indispensable for the success of your Project, every time there is a need for a pump or a pipeline, being it part of the design, execution, or if you need assistance in Dispute Resolution. Our Experts gave forensic evidence in the field of applied hydraulics in multimillion-dollar dispute in the GCC and are ready to support you in case you need a Technical Expertise.

Unsteady State Hydraulics


Transient analysis of open channel and pressurized systems is available as our key Expertise as our Experts were involved in solving the most complex problems in the field of Hydraulic Transient in the GCC and overseas. We possess our own subscription for the major software packages for Transient Analysis of Pressurized Networks and Open Channel Flows that cover flow in the tunnels in both submerged and free flow conditions.

Forensic Investigation and Expert Report following the pipe burst or any other incident attributable to Hydraulic Transient can be accomplished by our Team.

Infrastructure Design


Wherever there is a need for infrastructure design such as Roads, Potable Water, Irrigation, Wastewater, Stormwater, District Cooling, Power & Control cables routing and clash check, our Team is ready to assist with detailed design and drawings preparation. Any type of chambers, services’ crossings and small, medium and large pumping stations for all services is possible to be done on a short notice.


Structural Design & Drawings Preparation


Detailed Mathematical Modelling of Concrete and Steel Structures and preparation of the Design Reports furnished with all necessary drawings for the Design approval.

Further detailing of the Structural Drawings into Shop Drawings and preparation of the Bar Bending Schedules for the Reinforced Concrete.


Geotechnical Baseline Reports


Issues related to differing site conditions for major infrastructure projects are fixed by implementing the Geotechnical Baseline Reports that summarize interpretation of Geotechnical Investigation. Clients are often including the GBRs for Bidding that will need to be converted to GBRs for Construction, either during bidding stage or following the site handover. Proper evaluation of results and allocation of risks is essential part of GBR-C preparation and should be done as soon as possible. Our experts are capable to oversee the preparation of these important documents and provide suitable guidance related to soil bearing capacity, excavatability and dewatering. We can also assist in determination and design of temporary works.


Design Review Services


Close association with our peers ensures a comprehensive and timely design review, weather it is a tender design, design prepared for subcontractors, the design received from subcontractors, or the design prepared for construction.

Constructability check and formalized Design Review of Water / Wastewater Infrastructure design deliverables can also be performed by us.
Formal Peer Review Services are also available, as we are ready to mobilize other Experts from various technical fields, all related to Infrastructure Projects.


Our Technical Support Experts

Nebojsa Pavlovic

Nebojsa has more than 20 years of experience working in major civil engineering and resources, water infrastructure projects throughout the Middle East, Cyprus and Balkans as a designer and as a consultant gaining hands-on experience from the ground up.

Nemanja Despotovic

Nemanja holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering (specialization in the Structural Engineering) and
has over 7 years of experience in the Structural Design, Project Control and Construction Supervision.
Nemanja is also a Cofounder of the Serbian Association for Earthquake…

Waqar Nazir

A Senior Manager with widespread international experience of 20+ years in Project Management, Dispute Resolution, Contracts / Commercial Administration, Construction Claims, Project Controls, Construction Law, and Forensic Delay Analysis on large-scale construction projects.

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